Temple Of The Sun Cate Necklace

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The Cate Necklace in tumbled 18K Gold Vermeil is inspired by our love for both ancient symbology and vintage jewellery. The lariat style necklace has been adored by women for centuries and the diamond cut garnet gemstone has long been appreciated for its fiery beauty. The Ancient Egyptians would place garnets within the tombs of the pharaohs so that they could be admired even in the afterlife.

Stone Properties

The Garnet provides protection and shields negative forces allowing its wearer to embark on their spiritual journey giving way to abundance and vitality. Meditate daily with Garnets and discover its divine energy that leads to a higher expression of love.
 Temple Jewellery

All of their Jewellery is hand-made according to the highest quality and our craftsmen are certified to meet global standards of environmental and social responsibility.

The Gold Vermeil jewellery is hand-made from ethically sourced 925 Silver, finished with a high quality 2.5 Micron thick layer of 18K Gold plate ensuring the rich gold lustre is retained longer.