Eloïse Panetta Large Silk Scrunchie

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Upgrade your hair ties with these lush botanically dyed silk scrunchies. Consciously handmade in Sydney, Australia.  

Silk works to maintain healthy looking hair, restoring moisture and preventing breakage caused by traditional elastic bands. No more breakage, tangles or snags, our silk scrunchies are designed to be gentle on your hair and a completely eco friendly replacement for your current hair tie.

Each piece of silk goes through a beautiful botanical dyeing process. Australian botanicals such as eucalyptus leaves, flower petals and berries are wrapped in the silk and then steamed, creating soft, subtle colours and unique patterns.

Please note: Your silk scrunchie is entirely one of a kind and will be different to the image shown. This is all part of the unique process of botanical dyeing and should be embraced.

 100% Pure silk