Temple Of The Sun Gold Corfu Necklace

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The Corfu Necklace in Polished 18K Gold Vermeil features delicate white freshwater pearl beads and a central pendant of baguette cut, London Blue Topaz. Presenting a purity of white and gold in perfect harmony, pearls naturally speak to the innate feminine essence, reminding us to align with our raw integrity. Whilst the Topaz calls to presence, to balance and our ability to remain calm and clear.Temple Jewellery

Stone Properties 

Pearls have been prized for more than 4.000 years as symbols of purity. Their calming feminine energy is also valued, and these 'gems' are considered a token of love or affection. 

London Blue Topaz Stones have healing qualities of cooling tempers, calming nerves, and helping with emotional balance and tranquility. Partly due to its calming and stabilising ability, coupled with an ability to enhance creativity, this stone is especially good for communication and for artists in all.

* This item features a natural gemstone. Please note that there can be slight variations in the colour and texturing of each stone - which makes every piece unique.