Life + Style Edit | Gabrielle Houghton

You are a renowned makeup artist here in the North Island. What inspired you to start your makeup practice?

I work as a makeup artist based in Hamilton, as well as across the North Island. My work includes special occasion and wedding makeup, a teacher at the GH Makeup Academy + manage the GH Team of Artists, and am a trainer to everyday women. 

I absolutely love my job - I am able to have creative freedom and express myself in what I wear + my makeup everyday, so my work wardrobe and personal wardrobe is combined into one. I highly value being environmentally conscious as well as community focused, so these have sculpted my work and also reflects the way I shop - including at True Store. 


As well as a makeup artist, you are a business owner and manager. Tell us more about your work schedule and your motivations.

Definitely my love for creativity and makeup as a creative practice. What keeps me inspired is my clients, the people I work alongside and have met along the way, new products as well as new technologies emerging in the beauty space. Currently, I am super inspired by the strong shift towards clean beauty and how that is going to make more tenured brands have to reformulate their staple products. 


What influences your style and makes it so versatile?

I have an appreciation for beautiful fabrics and well crafted items; my desire to be more sustainable now drives my fashion sense, buying less + of a higher quality, and buying New Zealand made. I opt for fabrics that wear well and love a natural fibre, in particular wool!

 My work (or messiness at work!) means that I have to think of functionality in my everyday wear. Darker colours are my friend when it comes to makeup spillage, and tight fitting sleeves work best as excess material won’t fall into products or clients. I need something that is not too delicate and washes well!

 Outside of work I like to indulge in those more special and delicate items that serve my style rather than practicality, as it is how I express my character. Menswear shape is a favourite of mine - I love the utilitarian feel!

Which brands do you look to for fashion inspiration?

  • Samsøe Samsøe - the quality is amazing and designed to be worn over and over again (plus it’s easy to wash!)
  • Benjamin Alexander
  • Jasmin Sparrow
  • Baina


Our favourite question! Your wishlist includes?

  • Samsøe Samsøe Easter Egg Haven Blazer
  • Benjamin Alexander Camel Edmund skirt
  • Citizens of Humanity Annina Jeans (Tall gal friendly - Thanks Katie)
  • Laing Cream Ashwell Rollneck for some warm cashmere yum.


What are your top makeup tips for the winter months? If applicable, what products do you suggest/are your favourite products? 

 Winter is a great time to experiment with cream products if you haven't already. The extra hydration from these doesn't go astray on winter skin which is a little drier due to heating and air conditioning in cars and workplaces. NZ business Peachy Lip Co makes a great cream blush, super easy to use with fingers, in the shade Flirt.


With the combination of winter bugs and quieter social calendars, take this as a chance to give your brushes a good, deep clean using NZ made Soleil and Soul Deep Cleanse Brush Shampoo - something we don't do enough! Cleaning your brushes is not only much healthier for you but will apply your makeup better! Both available on my website