Q + A With Harris Tapper

What do Marvin Gaye, Harry Potter and Jil Sander have in common? 

Lauren Tapper, Co Founder of Harris Tapper and Sales + Marketing Lead Carla Calder visited us in store recently for an in dept Q+A revealing everything that makes Harris Tapper tick. Not everything made it on the record...

Behind Harris Tappers' elevated, cool girl, femme meets utility vibe - is two female friends who combined their experience in design, buying and brand management into a powerhouse - now available in Harrods UK - and part of the furniture here at True. 

By no revelation, Lauren is the embodiment of elevated, sophisticated and cool - but its' her relatability which takes you by surprise. She gets embarrassed of her proud mum and apprehensive for feedback, just like the rest of us. She seeks inspiration from film, music, dining out and her friends. She leaves you thinking - maybe designers are just like us. 

What's most synonymous with the brand is supporting the capsule wardrobe for the working women - looking to revolutions of the 80's for empowered styling motifs. She described her and Co Founder Sarah Harris' relationship as a hand and mouth operation - long inspired discussions lead to Lauren's sketches - Lauren's sketches lead to Sarah's refinement into a considered, complementary tasting platter for buyers. 

We think the end result is a masterpiece.