Life + Style Edit | Renata Lardelli

Meet our latest Life + Style Edit, Renata Lardelli.
Store owner, brand owner and midwife, you may have come across Renata in many walks of life. We were very lucky to get the opportunity to talk with Renata as she navigates her busy (but exciting) lifestyle - and of course, chat fashion.
Hi Renata! We are so excited to have you as our Life + Style Edit this month. Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself (you are a very busy lady!)
Hello, I don’t feel nearly cool enough to be featured - thank you very much for having me! Sure thing…
I’m currently doing a lot, definitely more than I want to be but that’s just how the seasons go sometimes hey! My husband Jeremy and I have 3 wild but wonderful sons; Eli [13], Sebastian [8] and Xavier [6]. I work part-time as a midwife, and have my own postpartum brand Lila Jasmine, I also own Little Mash Boutique, the most gorgeous boutique for babies, new mums + small children also right here on Barton Street. My work and businesses are a well aligned trio and extension of myself.
You currently own a beautiful clothing + accessory boutique for babies, children and mothers. How does this inspire you in your personal life and work as a midwife every day?
I’ve owned Little Mash Boutique for 5 years now and there hasn’t been a single day I’ve turned the key and not loved being there, it’s a gorgeous place to be and the customers we have are incredible. It all feels very connected - the shop, midwifery and the boys, particularly when the boys were younger. I’m largely inspired by brands and products that I’d used in my own home or items I know will enhance pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum.
What are your top tips on balancing being a mum, a midwife and owning your own store + brand?
I wish I could expertly speak on balancing it all but the truth is I struggle to maintain equilibrium. My family will vouch for how often I forget things, misplace things and become frazzled however, some of the things that I find really helpful in keeping zen are the following; 
  • Getting a good night's sleep, I aim for 7 hours, any less than that and I’m not very pleasant. Having a bedtime for my phone too.
  • I try to get up before my family. I find having a headstart on the day sets me up for a good one. I try to exercise, put a load of washing on and prepare dinner all before they’re up. I can almost guarantee that none of those things will happen if I don’t rise before the boys.
  • I think we underestimate exercise. I’m STILL wishing I was a runner but I have taken up reformer pilates, I try to do 3 x sessions a week and I certainly have a better week when I’ve committed to moving my body
  • I talk to Siri, don’t you? I won’t remember anything if I don’t set a reminder or timer, thank you Siri! We have a colour coded family calendar and everything goes in there. We don’t commit to anything before checking if it works for everyone and we try to schedule fun and something to look forward to. 
  • I’m not afraid to push pause or even cancel things if I’m tired. I prioritise rest because I’ve learned the hard way that you cannot keep giving and performing when you’re tired.  
Tell us your True Wishlist! What are you loving at the moment?
I’ve been dreaming about the Morrison Black + White Zeta Maxi Dress, gosh she’s gorgeous. And, the BAINA towels - I have plans to make our outdoor dining and spa area cute this summer and I think I must have some. 
And finally - where do you source your inspiration for style? Do you have any style muses?
I’m a casual capsule gal at heart, I like items that I can dress up, dress down, add something on top or something underneath. When being a midwife I’m in a uniform or scrubs and when I’m at home you’ll almost always catch me in a pair of Lululemon Aligns. I actually don’t own very many clothes. Pinterest inspires outfits for me!