A tertiary qualified marine biologist turned fashion designer…

We welcomed the beautiful Rebe Burgess, designer of REBE, into True Store to celebrate the launch of her brand with a night full of bubbles, laughs and to chat about all things style.

Rewind a month ago, life got a little busy for Rebe - when she launched her first ever ready-to-wear collection to accompany her renowned footwear and hats. Locally born and bred right here in the Waikato (a lovely trend we are seeing among our beautiful designers, we must say), this special visit felt extra inspiring and close to home.

With what seems to be the career change of the century - Rebe indulged in her University studies majoring in Marine Biology, but was always drawn back to her devotion for fashion. While studying, to keep herself immersed in the New Zealand fashion landscape, Rebe worked multiple fashion-related jobs until her pivoting point. Her desire to create came apparent when she was infatuated with a simple hat - how can she create the perfect product that intertwines functionality with a chic design for the wearer? And with that, REBE was born. 


With a wealth of knowledge in the fashion retail industry Rebe has pretty much done it all; from working on the shop floor, to curating content and directing social media accounts, and even developing her role into fashion buying for brands - we can safely say she has true industry knowledge and the foundations to start her own business.

Transitioning from ideas on paper to actual physical products involved blood, sweat, and tears, said Rebe, a process we can only imagine as we receive the beautifully crafted final product. Rebe invested her previous experience working in the industry into the fabrication and fit of each item in the REBE collection, making form and function balanced and equally as desirable as the style - an item that can be worn season after season. 

Then we delved into Rebe’s whats-come-to-be signature styling - layering! Starting with her Ribbed Tank Top as a base, we saw Rebe layer this with her Leisure Shirt, finishing the look with the chic REBE Blazer. A fabulous way to elevate everyday items seen in most people's wardrobe. Adding dimension to each outfit by layering seems to be the go-to with Rebe, as her next look herod the Bella Dress layered with bold jewellery and the famous REBE Riding Boot! What a combo.


Shop REBE collection in store + online now. Enjoy x