Life + Style Edit | Tim Pesch

Meet this months Life + Style Edit - Tim Pesch.
Known in the hairdressing space for his bespoke and tailored cuts, we sat down and chatted with Tim about his profession, inspiration, and of course, style.
Hi Tim. Let's chat business! For those who don't know - what do you do?
 I am a creative individual whose passion lies in artwork and hair. Within my studio space, I channel this creativity, with a focus on bespoke haircuts tailored specifically to each client. Specialising in men's hairstyling, I offer a unique and appointment-based experience, where craftsmanship meets personal expression.
We would love to know what inspires you in your space?
 Inspired by opposing the mainstream, I find motivation in embracing my individuality and simplicity. Working independently, I draw inspiration from the interactions with my clients, thriving in an environment where introversion fuels genuine connections and business growth. As I continue to explore my identity, I express my ethos through a minimalist approach, evident in my business aesthetics and personal style, where I stick by the mantra 'less is more'.
Describe your take on fashion.
 Fashion for me is all about simplicity and staying true to what I love. I've got a handful of go-to brands that just click with my style, keeping things effortlessly cool and cohesive. Sure, I'm all about online shopping, but there's something special about hitting up a local store and trying things on. Feeling the fabric, checking out the fit – it's those little details that really make a piece stand out.
What are you current favourite brands at TRUE + what is on your wishlist?
 My favourite brands would definitely have to be Assembly Label, SAMSØE SAMSØE and VEJA. My wishlist would have to be:
Ladies (or men!) this ones for you. What are your top tips for men to maintain that healthy glow?
 First off, never skip moisturising your face, especially with an oil-free option to combat dryness, especially during those harsh winter months – trust me, your future wrinkle-free self will thank you. Personally, I swear by The Body Shop's Vitamin C moisturiser for that extra boost. And when it comes to your mane, remember, shampooing cleanses but also strips, so follow up with a good conditioner to keep those locks hydrated and looking their best.