Life + Style Edit | With Rikki-Lee

We caught up with Rikki-Lee from Flyger Hair to chat about all things business, her approach to style, and being a mother  - as well as her top tips for hair care for the coming winter months. 
You're the founder of a beautiful and loved hair salon, Flyger Hair. Tell us about your business and what inspired you to start it.
Flyger is a boutique hair studio and colour lab that offers adept services and a warm, welcoming, and tailored salon experience. I wanted to create a pleasant, unpretentious hair salon where everybody felt comfortable and relaxed - even show up in their trackies if they wanted to! Flyger is designed to be a haven from one’s daily hustle. We recently just celebrated our eighth birthday, so it is great to reflect on how far we have come. 
What inspired you to start your own business?
Before Flyger, I worked as a hairstylist for 11 years and I felt it was naturally the next step to open a salon and create an experience of my own. Flyger is a small yet solid team, with a family and community feel where everyone is equal. 
My inspiration arose when I realised the true value of tendering to each individual client as soon as they walked into the salon, right to the end of their appointment. It is so important for our Flyger customers to have a cohesive and intimate experience with their stylist - I wanted one stylist to be with a client from their hair wash to the final blow-out.
You're a mother of 2. How do you manage to balance being a mum and owning a business? 
It’s definitely a juggle and I feel like I’m always trying to find the right balance between work and family life. My kids are always priority and I’m grateful to have an amazing family, staff and clients who are always understanding and supportive. I am also learning that sometimes you just can’t wear all the hats and things will work out how they are supposed to. I feel privileged to have my own business and be a mother, it’s constant hard work but very rewarding. 
Tell us about your approach to style - how would you describe your personal aesthetic?
My style fluctuates depending on the week and which mood I am in. Some weeks I feel basic because I am a mum and have a million things on my plate, so I tend to grab something that’s easy and comfortable. On other weeks, I love incorporating patterns and colour into my outfits, especially when I am working in the salon, as it is a space where I am fully comfortable expressing myself and trailing new looks. If I like it, I will make it work in my wardrobe!
Who are your style influences?
Honestly, I am mainly influenced by the local community, designers, friends, and of course, my customers. I love that we have such a variety on offer here in New Zealand, so I can pick and choose which style I want to go with whenever I am feeling it.
What are your favourite brands in True Store right now?
I have many! One is definitely Benjamin Alexander, I love the simplicity, comfort and elegance of his pieces, plus it’s great to support a local New Zealand designer. I’m also loving the playfulness of Samsøe Samsøe - I certainly have found a few of my bold statement pieces in their collections!
What is on your True Wishlist?
MOTHER The Sleepover - Kissing the Cowboy Shirt
Tol Oblong Pearl Sunglasses
BA&SH Cognac Clog
With winter fast approaching, what are your top hair tips for the colder months?
The winter months call for a change in hair care! The colder months tend to mean dry scalp and hair, therefore your hair and scalp may need a little more TLC. 
Get your stylist to check the condition of your scalp, and provide hair care recommendations based on your hair condition. Scalp hydration is super important and changes seasonally, so I generally suggest changing your routine when the seasons change. The Davines Natural Tech range is great for any scalp or hair concerns.
Winter is also a great opportunity to try new hairstyles. When a customer wants to try something new and we are heading into winter I almost always say go for it! I’m currently loving lots more texture, curtain bangs, fringes and warmer tones.