STAFF STYLE | Shan's Edit

If you're an in store visitor, you're bound to have been met by the infectious smile of Shantell Carter - an integral part of our team for 15 months and now newly appointed Sales Manager. We knew Shan was bringing a wealth of experience with her but couldn't have been prepared for the fabulous rep-ore she would create with our customers. Always going above and beyond to create lasting relationships and help people to feel their best - we are very lucky to have her. 

We sat down with Shan to chat about her retail background, personal style and life as a busy mum.


What's the oldest item in your wardrobe?  

Hmm... I don't hold on to things I don't wear often so nothing from circa 1980 or anything like that. I'm the one my friends call to help them clear out their wardrobes; leaving with car loads bound for donation (minus a couple of pieces I might snag for myself!). If I had to pick I think it'd be a floral Mimosa Sundress from when I owned Rumor. 


What's the newest item in your wardrobe? 

My MOTHER Let's Wine About It Jeans - They're the best dark blue and a really classic style. They feel amazing any day of the week I throw them on. 


What's your first fashion memory?

I used to wear towelling dresses with ties at the shoulders - a bit reminiscent of Caitlin Crisp! Everything comes back. I used to pick up fabric and sew my own clothes before tie dying everything! I came accross a bunch of leather patches once and made my first boyfriend a singlet. Mortifying! 


You created Rumor, a landmark in the Cambridge retail scene - what was your involvement with fashion prior to this and what led you to open a store? 

I grew up in Cambridge and there was not much in the way of fashion besides a surf shop. I felt they needed more of an offering. It was a dream I never thought I could accomplish. My background was minimal but I loved making people feel great and buying with customers in mind. 


As our newly appointed Sales Manager at True, what do you love most about your role and why do you do what you do? 

I love people and making them feel confident or beautiful, no matter what age, shape or form. I like working to a person's budget and helping them utilise their existing wardrobe to its highest potential. Since I run a tight ship in my own wardrobe, I only want people to walk away with pieces I know they'll love. The team I work with are amazing. They're a fun, positive, supportive group of women. We all have our own vibe and bring something different and it just works. The daily drive over from Cambridge is a joy as it really doesn't feel like work. 


What brand has most surprised you from your time at True? 

Harris Tapper and Birgitte Herskind. Their offerings feel elevated and timeless; perfect for women of any age to feel fashion forward while also sophisticated.


What’s your biggest challenge in styling yourself?

Short girl syndrome! My legs are short. I always found it hard to find jeans and pants but I’ve had the luxury to work closely with great brands to discover options to suit; such as the Mother Tomcat Jean, Off White Róhe Jean, Mahsa Travel Pant, and from Birgitte Herskind the Mercer and Brenda Pants. 

 Susan Rowlands is an amazing alterer just around the corner so I’ve got my head around making something fit perfectly from the beginning to make my investment worthwhile; not letting things sit in my wardrobe under loved. A well executed $10 hem dissolves in the cost per wear very quickly. 


What does life look like outside of work? 

Life is spent with my soon to be 10 year old son Neko; the love of my life. My Dad also lives with us so it's usually us 3. We bike down to the football field and the school pool or take the dog (and cat) for a walk. I love any opportunity to be outdoors or with animals. I love the beach, summer, and the heat. I’ve also discovered snowboarding again so keen to get back to the slopes.

Catching up with my besties at Alpino over a glass of bubbles. 

I'm turning 50 this year so as my son becomes a little more independent I am looking forward to fighting fears, getting back out there and trying new things; more self care which I struggle to make time for. A new era of growth!


What’s on your wish list in store at the moment?

The Mos Mosh Salute Shirt Dress; I have a few shirt dresses now that I depend on heavily to throw on when getting out the door with my son Neko in tow. I’d like to treat myself to the Jasmin Sparrow No.2 Bracelet and I love the new VEJA Venturi colourway.